Introducing the KubeOne, a Smarter Vaporizer for Concentrates.

• It is the only e-nail vaporizer that is completely and securely controlled by your phone

• Available in hardwood or Acrylic with custom engraving options for either model


• Download the iOS and Android app for free, use it to scan your Kube's unique QR code to connect

• All our heating elements cover the bottom as well as the sides of the included quartz banger


• Please allow 5 business days for assembly and feel free to request a production update anytime

• Lovingly and personally assembled in Philadelphia by the inventor: August Lilley











KubeOne Features

  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity 

  • Use the AugustHaus app to control the heat and light settings

  • Turn the heat on or off without your phone

  • Original sleek LED ring indicates temperature and time remaining

  • Proprietary coding designed for our quartz banger heating element to get you the most out of every dab

  • Cleaning mode

  • Press the glob button (golden drop icon) for a quick boost to help you clear your banger

  • Custom Coils that heat the bottom as well as the side of the included banger

  • 3 different enclosures all made by hand here in America

  • A completely proprietary and patented computer built specifically to make dabbing as easy and contemporary as possible 

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