What is the KubeOne?

• It is the only e-nail vaporizer that is completely and securely controlled by your phone


• Download the iOS and Android app for free, use it to scan your Kube's unique QR code to connect

• All our heating elements cover the bottom as well as the sides of the included quartz banger


• Please allow 5 business days for assembly and feel free to request a production update anytime

• Lovingly and personally assembled in Philadelphia by the inventor: August Lilley.













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Classic KubeOne 1-2 week assembly


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V1 Quartz Bangers


Carb Caps


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The MegaKube *Made to Order*


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KubeOne Features

  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity 

  • Secured by a unique QR code allowing you to decide who has wireless access to your device

  • From the app you can decide how hot it should get, how long it should be on for and if the physical control on the box is disabled, this will child-lock the device from any unwanted users

  • A push button on the KubeOne will allow you to turn the heat on or off without the use of the app, it will remember your last used settings

  • The Kube itself will tell you when the device is ready to use by changing from blue to yellow as the element goes from cold to hot

  • Four different light modes to choose from: Random, Solid, Temperature and Palette 

  • Chart your heating element and quartz temperature with an animated graph

  • Cleaning mode: raises the temperature to about 950º for 8 minutes to bust the carbon off the glass, carefully use a clean tool to remove the remaining carbon after the element cools down

  • Press the glob button (golden drop icon) for a quick boost to help you clear your banger

  • Custom Coils that heat the bottom as well as the side of the included banger

  • Hardwood enclosures made by hand here in Philadelphia

  • A completely proprietary and patented computer built specifically to make dabbing as easy and contemporary as possible 

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