DualZone Standard Set
  • DualZone Standard Set

    AugustHaus is proud to bring you the DualZone Controller! The best enail controller offers every feature the at-home user would want. Ships within 1-2 business days.


    - Dual Zone Heat Control Control two separate heating elements at the same time, each can be at different temperatures. 

    • Choose the DualZone eBanger to take maximize power and preference! Separating the coil into two parts allow the user to prioritize the heat around the activity zone inside the crucible, the individual flat coil on the bottom makes it heat faster and also respond faster when reading the temperature. An extra large side coil gives the user the ability to carefully control the inner wall temperature, letting the user reach lower temps where there is less activity.

    - The Innovative Boost Function 5 years of testing heating elements have shown us they can be used most effectively when actively heating up, the new Boost feature makes that easier than ever by allowing users to select the boost percentage in settings then activate by pressing the knob during your heating cycle.

    - Extremely Accurate and Responsive Temperature Settings After extensive testing we can confidently say that this controller will get up to your desired temp faster and hold that temp better than any competitor.

    - Automatic Safety Timer Adjustable auto-off safety timer.

    - Completely Customizable PID Settings Adjustable PID profile with access to all settings (for the most advanced users only!)

    - °C or °F Settings allow for Celsius and Fahrenheit.

    - Can only be used with authorized heating elements! AugustHaus Custom Coils, DualZone eBanger and LowTemp Plates LT2 Heaters.


    Whats included:

    The AugustHaus DualZone Controller

    The AugustHaus 26mm XL Custom Coil and Banger

    Matching 26mm Carb Cap

    One Power Cord

    Optional: A second 26mm XL Custom Coil and Banger (comes with matching size Carb Cap)

    Optional: One or two rigs 


      Include a Heating Element?
      Include another Heating Element?
      Include the Rig?

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