DualZone Light Complete Set
  • DualZone Light Complete Set

    The DualZone Light ships within 2-3 business days of your order.


    - RGB LED Temperature Indication Color changing LEDs on the front that indicate the temperature of either zone and LEDs on the back that you control to personalize the unit.

    - Dual Zone Heat Control Control two separate heating elements at the same time, each can be at different temperatures. Combined with the DualZone eBanger this will give you the most power, responsiveness and control over the quartz surface

    - The Innovative Boost Function Turn this feature on in the menu settings, choose your boost percentage and activate by pressing the select button during a heating cycle. This allows the user to control exactly when power is being sent to the banger, making it easy to use up-temp or down-temp techniques.

    - Extremely Accurate and Responsive Temperature Settings After extensive testing we can confidently say that this controller will get up to your desired temp faster and hold that temp better than any competitor.

    - Automatic Safety Timer Adjustable auto-off safety timer.

    - Completely Customizable PID Settings Adjustable PID profile with access to all parameters of the algorithm used to control the heating elements (for the most advanced users only!) must contact support for more info

    - °C or °F Settings allow for Celsius and Fahrenheit.

    - Can only be used with AugustHaus heating elements! 


    What is included?

    -DualZone Light Controller

    -Your choice of Heating Element(s)

    -Matching Carb Cap(s)

    -Power cord