The Classic Hardwood KubeOne is made to order and will be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks

All pre-orders will be shipping in our brand new hardshell travel case, big enough to fit your Kube, heating element, carbcap and one rig.

Designed and manufactured here in the USA, the KubeOne comes with your choice heating element and a matching carb cap sized to your heating element 

  • A completely proprietary and patented computer built specifically to make dabbing as easy and contemporary as possible

  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity 

  • Use the AugustHaus app to control the heat and light settings

  • Glob Profiles allow you to design a heating macro for up-temp and down-temp dabs!
  • Turn the heat on or off with or without your phone

  • Original sleek LED ring can make any color and indicates temperature and time remaining

  • Proprietary coding designed for our quartz banger heating element to get you the most out of every dab

  • Detailed cleaning instructional built into the app to ensure you get the most out of your quartz

  • Custom Coils that heat the bottom as well as the side of the included banger

  • A hardwood enclosure made by hand here in the US

  • Use the Lock feature in the app to stop any unwanted use!

The XL custom coil heats the bottom as well as the sides and uses our 26mm Quartz Banger (2.5mm thickness)

The XXL custom coil heats the bottom as well as the sides and uses our 30mm Quartz Banger (2.5mm thickness)

The XXXL custom coil heats the bottom as well as the sides and uses our 35mm Quartz Banger (2.5mm thickness)

The Liger custom coil is designed for use with the titanium CCA710 Liger banger (Liger banger sold separately by CCA710)


The image of the four Glass Rig Options shows the choices in order (from left to right) Klein Rig, Showerhead Rig, Ball Rig, Puck Perk Rig.


Classic KubeOne 1-2 week assembly

Heating Element
Wood type/stain
Include a Rig? (+$40)