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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

The standard e-nail design for quartz bangers uses one coil to cover both the bottom and the sides of the banger. This design was advantageous when we released it about 5 years ago but after years of testing I've found it hinders the controllers ability to accurately predict what the banger needs to maintain temperature. During use more than 90% of the action happens on the bottom surface of the banger, heating the walls only encourages the material to melt back down to the bottom surface. The heating coils get temperature feedback by measuring the resistance of the entire coil, with the older design this means it would read the average temperature of the bottom and the sides of the banger, this gives the controller inaccurate information about what power is needed. Because most of the action happens on the bottom that is where most of the heat is pulled away from, with a single coil design the controller won't be able to accurately tell how much temperature is lost during the dab. Having separate heating elements for the side and bottom gives the controller the ability to tell exactly how much power is needed to retain heat on the bottom surface. The smaller bottom coil also gets the added advantage of heating up more quickly, this means the banger will be able to maintain temperature significantly better resulting in more activity and better heat retention during use. This design improvement has enabled AugustHaus to provide an entirely superior dabbing experience.

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