Frequently asked questions

What is the best method for cleaning the quartz banger?

Check out our detailed instructions on how to clean the banger here!

What if I break my quartz? or damage the coil?

We offer two discount codes to all our customers who have purchased a controller. One code offers a two-for-one deal on any replacement banger, the other code offers 20% off on any replacement coil. Just email us requesting the discount, we'll verify your ownership and reply with the codes.

Why separate the coils on the DualZone eBanger?

After many years of testing and development, we've found most activity in the banger happens on the bottom surface. Separating the coils allows the user to fine tune their temperatures more than ever before. A smaller coil on the bottom also gives the controller faster, more responsive temperature reading, and due to it's smaller mass, the bottom can be heated even faster than a traditional custom coil. Read the complete blog post about the design intent behind the DualZone eBanger here:

Is wholesale available for stores?

Absolutely, please fill out the contact form on this page with a request for our wholesale price sheet. Must be able to supply: business address, phone number and tax ID.

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