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Jun 23, 2018
In Show-off your KubeOne
My first e-nail sits in a box in my closet and when i wrote that off, i went on a banger buying binge and was trying to figure out what held heat best because i am famous for wanting a low temp dab and letting the nail get too cold and then having to re-torch and i would eventually burn all the terps i was initially trying to save....a buddy showed me a video of the kubeone and i bought one that weekend-the coil wrapped banger was a game changer amd then i found out it could be controlled by my phone! i can actually turn it on while sitting on ”the pot” in the morning! Never thought an enail could be convenient and efficient enough to be a daily driver but now, i dont know how daily dabbers do otherwise!!! Im a ”Kube Snob” now and i literally bust my homies balls about having to use a torch like in the caveman days!!!August your a genious and im just glad you actually arent a German engineer, living an ocean away! (Thats a whole other post)....stay tuned...
Kube Snob 4 Life!!!! content media


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