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Better Banger

Better Banger

The all new patent-pending Better Banger achieves a new level of heat transfer capability by replacing the quartz bottom half with a custom silicon carbide bottom.  No more guessing the surface temperature, the SiC bottom fully saturates with heat at the SAME time as the coil. Pair this with the new Kube to have a surface temp that is accurately measured in real time by the controller. The system is clamped together with an original stainless steel design that makes it possible to completely disassemble at room temperature. The amount of improvement the Better Banger showed in comparison to the DualZone eBanger was so great that we designed the Kube² as a single zone controller.  The Better Banger is designed to work will all previous controllers by AugustHaus.  


Whats included: 

Quartz upper (a bottomless banger with a 14mm male 90 degree connection)

Silicon carbide bottom 

Banger Clamp 

26mm Custom Coil

Carb Cap

Assembly rod (do not heat)




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