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KubeTwo 3rd Edition

KubeTwo 3rd Edition

The KubeTwo is available in it's 3rd edition, orders ship in 5-8 business days

Get a discounted price when you purchase a heating element at the same time


Introducing the latest addition to the renowned Kube series - the KubeTwo, which combines the finest attributes from its previous models. Designed with a square OLED screen and four user-friendly buttons, this device ensures easy operation for all users. Compatible with our cutting-edge coil heating elements, the Better Banger and the XL eBanger, the KubeTwo delivers exceptional performance.


Utilize the KubeTwo to set your desired temperature. As the heating cycle initiates, the ring of LEDs will display the temperature in vibrant colors, allowing for clear temperature indication. Users are able to customize the LED animation used during the heating cycle and screen saver mode.


Get a special bundle price by purchasing the Kube with your heating element of choice. Pair your KubeTwo with the Better Banger to enjoy real-time surface temperature accuracy, made possible by the innovative Silicon Carbide bottom, which conducts heat over a hundred times faster than quartz.


The Better Banger features an innovative design that elevates heat transfer capabilities by replacing the traditional quartz bottom with a custom silicon carbide one. The system's stainless steel clamps allow for easy disassembly when at room temperature. Such advancements in the Better Banger performance were so remarkable that we decided to design the KubeTwo as a single zone controller, further enhancing efficiency and user experience.


Each 3rd Edition KubeTwo purchased will come with a unique certificate number based on the order of purchase.


Whats Included:


Better Banger OR XL eBanger

Carb Cap

Power Cable


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